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Request Review Copy. Alberto Fujimori ascended to the presidency of Peru in , boldly promising to remake the country. Ten years later, he hastily sent his resignation from exile in Japan, leaving behind a trail of lies, deceit, and corruption. The Fujimori regime managed to maintain a facade of democracy while systematically eviscerating democratic institutions and the rule of law through legal subterfuge, intimidation, and outright bribery.

With great skill, Fujimori and Montesinos created the appearance of a democratic public sphere but ensured it would work only to suit their personal motives. The press was allowed to operate, but information exchange was under strict control. The more government officials tampered with the free flow of ideas, the more they inadvertently exposed the ills they were trying to cover up. And that proved to be their downfall.

A fascinating account. Conaghan effectively demonstrates how the public sphere, through its domestic and international dimensions, can be used to buttress authoritarianism as well as to undermine it. In sparkling prose, Conaghan exposes one of Latin America's corrupt authoritarian regimes hiding behind a thin veil of democracy. Her tale of government manipulation of public opinion and institutions holds lessons for many other countries, including our own. Conaghan has provided the scholarly community with a classic, required reading for all supporters of democracy as a case study of the multiple ways a few determined individuals can manipulate the public sphere and use democratic institutions for the explicit purpose of undermining them.

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The pardon for the controversial ruler was itself contentious. Earlier Wednesday, Supreme Court Judge Hugo Nunez ruled that Fujimori was to serve out the remainder of his year prison sentence because the pardon he received in December was incompatible with the American Convention on Human Rights, to which Peru is a signatory.

Miguel Perez, the lawyer for the former president, immediately appealed the ruling.

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He asked the arrest order to be suspended on the basis of his year-old client's poor health. Fujimori must still complete more than 14 years of his sentence , meaning he would leave prison in at age He was accompanied by his son, politician Kenji Fujimori. Albert Fujimori served as the president of Peru from , with some considering him a corrupt, authoritarian dictator who carried out mass crimes against civilians, and others seeing him as a maligned hero who quashed leftist rebels and stabilized Peru's economy.

Fujimori resigned from office while in Japan in amid accusations of human rights violations and corruption scandals. After being extradited back to Peru in , he was sentenced to prison for his role in multiple civilian massacres. He was later also found guilty of corruption. Fujimori's health has been previously intertwined with his judicial fate.

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In , then-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski granted Fujimori a humanitarian pardon, saying he did not want to see a former president die in prison. The political opposition accused Kuczynski of cutting a political deal in order to avoid an impeachment vote.

Peru's Fujimori returns to prison after hospitalization

He is now under investigation in relation to the pardon, with Kenji Fujimori seen as the main player behind the deal. Fujimori's daughter Keiko and son Kenji, both national politicians, are currently engaged in a power battle for control over the right-wing political opposition. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has survived the beginnings of an impeachment process, significant allegations of corruption and the backlash of pardoning a jailed dictator.

But with protests growing against his government, can former investment banker fulfill his presidential mandate? DW examines the situation. Despite first denying any ties with the Brazilian construction company, he later admitted that he worked on an advisory basis for the firm, a move that did not sit well with many Peruvians. After the revelations emerged, parliament took little time to debate whether to impeach him. Days after Odebrecht's testimony, the legislature initiated a debate on impeachment with enough support to push formal proceedings through a vote.

However, when lawmakers finally voted on whether to move forward, they failed to garner enough votes for impeachment, with some saying a deal had been made. On Christmas Eve, Kuczynski pardoned former President Alberto Fujimori who was serving a year jail sentence for atrocities committed during his tenure. Kuczynski cited Fujimori's waning health, but others said it may have part of a deal to survive impeachment. Civil conflict between and involving leftist militants killed an estimated 70, people in the Andean country.

The pardon infuriated thousands of Peruvians, prompting protests on Christmas Day and the day after.

Peru's Supreme Court overturns medical pardon for Alberto Fujimori and orders his return to jail

Protesters held placards lamenting Fujimori's presidency while others displayed photographs of Peruvians disappeared during his tenure from to Rights groups said a request had been made to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to examine a challenge to the legality of the pardon. Fujimori's supporters also rallied for his pardon. Despite having served time in prison, Fujimori continues to maintain a level of popularity in Peru for defeating the Maoist insurgent group Shining Path and stabilizing the economy. His supporters have gathered outside his hospital in Lima, where doctors described his health as "delicate," saying he's unlikely to leave intensive care soon.

While protests have dented Kuczynski's presidency, the resignations of senior officials has made things worse.


Culture Minister Salvador Der Solar, a former filmmaker, stepped down within days of the protests. Others to jump ship included former Interior Minister Carlos Basombrio, a presidential advisor and the head of the Justice Ministry's office of human rights. While Kuczynski managed to narrowly survive an impeachment process in what observers have speculated was part of a deal to pardon Fujimori, it is unclear whether he'll be able to do so in the future.

However, what is certain is that he faces an uphill battle with growing anger on the streets of Peru that threatens to topple his government.

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Each evening at UTC, DW's editors send out a selection of the day's hard news and quality feature journalism. You can sign up to receive it directly here. Whether or not the pardoning of former dictator Alberto Fujimori was a dirty deal is hardly relevant. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has resigned after 16 months in office.

Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru
Alberto Fujimori of Peru Alberto Fujimori of Peru

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