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Coughs, Sneezes and Diseases

Their work expanded to Lakewood township near Holland where they started a Sunday School. When adults started coming, Uncle Jim taught them while Aunt Alice taught the children. It grew and is now a thriving church. After this, the Ver Lee's began another work in Robinson township, Ottawa County, with the same results.

It became Robinson Road Baptist Church. The emphasis wherever they went was always scripture memorization. Before long, they were directing the program and through their leadership the ministry grew. The impact of the gospel became evident by the salvation of many children. To reach them more effectively they started a summer program.

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Even though the program was excellent, the kids scattered throughout the grounds, making it difficult to keep track of them. Don Holbrook planted when he asked, "Why don't you have your own camp? It was June 22, Uncle Jim and Aunt Alice excitedly watched the first campers arrive.

CAMP 2015 - 28.7.2015 - TUES BIBLE TEACHING - Heavenly Citizenship

They thought back over the past three months; so much had been done and there was still so much to do. The Bible Club program that the Ver Lees had been directing in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas had grown to around clubs. Children were being saved. The Bible Club workers recognized that to reach the children more effectively, they needed to expand into the summer.

Young People's Bible Camp

They had been thinking about a summer camp. Whey they heard a Mr. Hutchinson tell about the things the Germans had accomplished with the Austrian children in a camp situation, they decided to start their own camp. In March, just three months previously, they had found an 80 acre farm that couldn't be farmed successfully anymore. The farm was neglected and run-down, both the buildings and the land. At first, they wondered if it would be worthwhile to pursue a purchase. There was no electricity, an outside toilet, a pitcher pump, a beat-up barn, two chicken coops, a shed and a farm house.

Two days later the man called and said it was theirs. They didn't have a cent. When the time came to pay for the property, all the money was there through gifts from God's people. Then began feverish preparation. They told different groups of Christian friends who then volunteered to come and help fix it up. They cleared away rubbish, old fences and brush.

They scraped, cleaned and whitewashed the chicken coops. They cleaned up the barnyard. They painted, hung paper, graded land, laid bricks and blocks, upholstered, sewed, and carried water for concrete mixing. People donated their old mattresses. The ladies cut them down to bunk size with big knives and then covered them with homemade covers. Many people came to help with this new camp. Businessmen, carpenters, a banker, a doctor's wife, pastors, and housewives all came to help get this camp ready for the children by June.

The old barn became a chapel, one of the chicken coops became a boys dorm and the other a craft room. The farm house provided a mess hall and sleeping facilities for the cooks. The cooks cooked the meals on a wood stove and a kerosene stove.

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They pumped their water and carried it from the pump to the house. The campers could assist in paying their way to camp by bringing canned fruit, vegetables, and other food. Joan Ver Lee DeYoung tells that one of the biggest things the Lord supplied that year was a quonset hut. It was after the war and such things were not available to civilians.

About Us | Camp XL

The Lord knew a girl's dorm was needed, so He provided it. God's blessing was evident from the beginning.

Bible Exploration

Uncle Jim and Aunt Alice wrote about that first summer in a letter sent to people who were interested in the camp. They wrote, " children came to camp; 40 professed salvation; lives were touched FOR GOD by His Holy Spirit and the Word, and many decisions were made for a life of service on the mission field. A contest was held to decide the name of the camp.

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  • The following is taken from a newsletter written after that first summer. Perhaps you have wondered about the name of our Camp, why it was chosen and what it meant. The first time we went to the Camp site and drove "up the hill" the nursery rhyme came to our minds. Juvenile delinquency, just as the rhyme of our own childhood days stated, "without water our bodies cannot live". This is also true of our souls, for Jesus said, "If thou knewest the gift of God The article continues. The Camp is located on a hill. The 'Jack" stands for the boys who came and will come in the future and the 'Jill' for the girls. Most importantly, your children have counselors that are totally dedicated to guiding your child through the day, through every experience, and in his or her cabin group.

    Counselors especially help your child to discover more of what God has created him or her to be! This summer is no different, as we participate in fun and crazy camp games, take a quiet hike on a mountain near or far, or slide down the waterslide. We will also teach lessons from the life of Jesus. For many campers, new friends they meet at camp one year, and continue to see year by year, become lifelong friends that they care for, pray for, and encourage in Christ for decades.

    And it has happened more than once that a camper even ends up meeting his or her future godly spouse while attending or serving in a camp setting. All of these experiences are found to some extent in the local church and in other types of ministries, but they are strongly present in Christian camps.

    Taking the time to research and keeping the above characteristics in mind will help you make a great choice of camps for your child this summer. Skip to main content. Register for Camp eServices Staff Login. A Youth Christian Camp Instills Great Values in Cool Ways Research from the fields of education and psychology has consistently shown that the core values of young people, and consequently their own worldview, are formed in their adolescent years.

    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About
    CAMP - All The Bible Teaches About

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