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The scientists used a combination of laboratory experiments, computational genomic analysis and field work. Their research also shows that natural selection acts on signal-sensing receptors rather than the downstream parts of the genetic process. These roundworms are typically found in gardens and compost piles. If they smell enough food in their environment, then they will stay, grow and reproduce.

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In other words, dauer decreases reproductive success in the short term in order to ensure survival in the long run. If the food runs out, then the dauer worm made the right decision and wins. Some roundworms have one genetic receptor to process scents; other roundworms have two.

The roundworms with two receptors have a heightened sense of smell, which allows them to better assess the availability of resources in their environment and make a better gamble. Now we also found that result in natural populations. We can see specific evidence in these two genes that artificial and natural selection act similarly.


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Sterken, Joost A. Riksen, John Wang, Jan E. Schroeder and Erik C. DOI: The fact that these worms are in any proximity to garbage argues for spontaneous generation. How else?

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Do they carpet the earth in profligate expectation that somewhere their progeny will find a dead mouse within a radius of what, one meter? Mindless,uninformed speculation from the lazy back row of the Internet. What we are looking for is the addition of code within an established genome. Do some worms have 2 receptors because of new created genetic code?

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