Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)

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Claudian the Poet. This comprehensive reassessment of the carmina maiora of the fourth-century poet Claudian contributes to the growing trend to recognize that Late Antique poets should be approached as just that: poets. It analyzes Claudian's poetics and use of story telling to argue that the creation of a story world in which Stilicho, his patron, becomes an epic hero, and the barbarians are giants threatening both the borders of Rome and the order of the very universe is designed to convince his audience of a world-view in which it is only the Roman general who stands between them and cosmic chaos.

The book also argues that Claudian uses the same techniques to promote the message that Honorius, young hero though he may seem, is not yet fit to rule, and that Stilicho's rightful position remains as his regent. Climate change and poverty offers a timely new perspective on the 'ecosocial' understanding of the causes, symptoms and solutions to poverty and applies this to recent developments across a number of areas, including fuel poverty, food poverty, housing, transport and air pollution.

Climate change and urban health the case of Hong Kong as a subtropical city. This open access book describes the results of natural language processing and machine learning methods applied to clinical text from electronic patient records. It is divided into twelve chapters. Chapters discuss the history and background of the original paper-based patient records, their purpose, and how they are written and structured. These initial chapters do not require any technical or medical background knowledge.

Chapters cover basic tools for natural language processing and information retrieval, and how to apply them to clinical text. The difference between rule-based and machine learning-based methods, as well as between supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods, are also explained. Next, ethical concerns regarding the use of sensitive patient records for research purposes are discussed, including methods for de-identifying electronic patient records and safely storing patient records. The book provides a comprehensive overview of technical issues arising in clinical text mining, and offers a valuable guide for advanced students in health informatics, computational linguistics, and information retrieval, and for researchers entering these fields.

Coach dich selbst, sonst coacht dich keiner! Hauptbibliothek: Magazin HB, [reserviert].

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Colonization and subalternity in classical Greece experience of the Nonelite population. In this book, Gabriel Zuchtriegel explores and reconstructs the unwritten history of Classical Greece - the experience of nonelite colonial populations. Using postcolonial critical methods to analyze Greek settlements and their hinterlands of the fifth and fourth centuries BC, he reconstructs the social and economic structures in which exploitation, violence, and subjugation were implicit. He mines literary sources and inscriptions, as well as archaeological and data from excavations and field surveys, much of it published here for the first time, that offer new insights into the lives and status of nonelite populations in Greek colonies.

Zuchtriegel demonstrates that Greece's colonial experience has far-reaching implications beyond the study of archaeology and ancient history. As reflected in foundational texts such as Plato's 'Laws' and Aristotle's 'Politics', the ideology that sustained Greek colonialism is still felt in many Western societies. Combinatory linguistics. The book examines to what extent the mediating relation between constituents and their semantics can arise from combinatory knowledge of words.

It traces the roots of Combinatory Categorial Grammar, and uses the theory to promote a Humean question in linguistics and cognitive science: Why do we see limited constituency and dependency in natural languages, despite their diversity and potential infinity? A potential answer is that constituents and dependencies might have arisen from a single resource: adjacency. The combinatory formulation of adjacency constrains possible grammars.

Commenta in Ciceronis Rhetorica accedit incerti auctoris tractatus de attributis personae et negotio. Commentario breve alle leggi in materia di Urbanistica ed Edilizia. This practical teacher text, in acknowledging both the importance of the role of communication in the teaching of science and National Curriculum guidelines, examines classroom processes as they relate both to individual learning and to group work in the. This unique book explores the growing practice of participatory democracy and uses comparative analysis of cases in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy to show how policy makers, practitioners, students and academics can communicate more effectively.

Compatibilist freedom and the problem of evil. Compatibilism has become an increasingly popular position amongst contemporary philosophers. However, within the philosophy of religion the majority of philosophers continue to adopt an incompatibilist, usually libertarian, view of free will. This book seeks to explore whether it is possible to formulate a coherent compatibilist response to the problem of evil and, if so, whether such a response could help compatibilism to be seen as a viable, or even preferable, alternative to incompatibilism within philosophy of religion.

A cultural history of European and Egyptian interest in ancient Egypt and its material culture, from the early nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth. Intended to introduce readers to the use of artificial neural networks in the study of music, this volume contains numerous case studies and research findings that address problems related to identifying scales, keys, classifying musical chords, and learning jazz chord progressions.

A detailed analysis of networks is provided for each case study which together demonstrate that focusing on the internal structure of trained networks could yield important contributions to the field of music cognition. Constanze Mozart eine Biographie.

Examining the debate between activists and professional planners over the vision of the future of a large growth corridor in Sydney, Australia, this case study maps the history of development from the lates to the mids, during which time serious environmental and financial problems arose. Contagion and Enclaves studies the social history of medicine within two intersecting enclaves in colonial India; the hill station of Darjeeling which incorporated the sanitarian and racial norms of the British Raj; and in the adjacent tea plantations of North Bengal, which produced tea for the global market.

This book examines the intersection of private and public spheres through the representation of memory in contemporary poetry by Irish women.


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Contenzioso tributario e istituti deflativi. Contract Law an introduction to the English law of contract for the civil lawyer. This open access brief introduces the basic principles of control theory in a concise self-study guide.

It complements the classic texts by emphasizing the simple conceptual unity of the subject. A novice can quickly see how and why the different parts fit together. The concepts build slowly and naturally one after another, until the reader soon has a view of the whole. Each concept is illustrated by detailed examples and graphics. The full software code for each example is available, providing the basis for experimenting with various assumptions, learning how to write programs for control analysis, and setting the stage for future research projects.

The topics focus on robustness, design trade-offs, and optimality. Most of the book develops classical linear theory. The last part of the book considers robustness with respect to nonlinearity and explicitly nonlinear extensions, as well as advanced topics such as adaptive control and model predictive control. New students, as well as scientists from other backgrounds who want a concise and easy-to-grasp coverage of control theory, will benefit from the emphasis on concepts and broad understanding of the various approaches.

Kildare, Ireland, August , Controlling the electoral marketplace how established parties ward off competition. This book studies how established political parties react to the far left and far right parties that have surged in many democracies worldwide. While some of the extremist parties are being imitated in response, established parties can also choose to systematically rule out all political cooperation with them, imposing a cordon sanitaire.

A third response by established parties combines these two reactions. This book addresses these questions by analyzing experimental and non-experimental data from fifteen European countries since In doing so, it informs scientific and public debates about challenges to established parties, how these parties deal with these challenges, and what the consequences are for the quality of democracy in contemporary democratic societies.

Corporate Compliance Handbuch der Haftungsvermeidung im Unternehmen. Costituzione e CEDU nell'evoluzione giurisprudenziale della sfera familiare.


Critical perspectives on the scholarship of assessment and learning in law. Critiques of capital in modern Britain and America transatlantic exchanges to the present day. Czech photography of the 20th century. Dante-Rezeption nach Das Bauherrenmodell im Ertragsteuer- und Verkehrsteuerrecht. Das Deutsch der Migranten. The subject of this annual volume for is the usage and forms of German as spoken by immigrants. The work addresses the acquisition of German as a second language, particularities in the German spoken by individuals with an immigrant background, the role of language for the transformation of self-identity, as well as communication between immigrants and German natives.

Das Eis-Schloss. Das Ich und das Es metapsychologische Schriften. Das Kapital. Datenschutz und transatlantische freihandelszone. De rerum natura. Democracy in Austria.

This book addresses the major theoretical and practical issues of the forms of citizenship and access to citizenship in different types of polity, and the specification and justification of rights of non-citizen immigrants as well as non-resident citizens. It also addresses the conditions under which norms governing citizenship can legitimately vary.

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol

They complement each other because they serve distinct purposes of democratic inclusion. The book proposes that democratic inclusion principles specify a relation between an individual or group that has an inclusion claim and a political community that aims to achieve democratic legitimacy for its political decisions and institutions. It contextualizes the principle of stakeholder inclusion, which provides the best answer to the question of democratic boundaries of membership, by applying it to polities of different types.

The book distinguishes state, local and regional polities and argues that they differ in their membership character.


It examines how a principle of stakeholder inclusion applies to polities of different types. The book illustrates the difference between consensual and automatic modes of inclusion by considering the contrast between birthright acquisition of citizenship, which is generally automatic, and naturalization, which requires an application.

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Februar bis zum September bis zum Oktober im Biohistoricum Neuburg, vom Februar bis zum 2. Der Bauprozess : prozessuale und materielle Probleme des zivilen Bauprozesses. Der Fotograf von Mauthausen. Der Gesang der Flusskrebse Roman. Der Hammer Roman. Hauptbibliothek: Magazin HB, [entlehnt]. Turning experience into narrative: Antonia Barboric compares two autobiographical works portraying the horrors of the concentration camps. The aim of her analysis is to examine the narrative quality of two works of Holocaust literature that differ greatly in the conditions of their creation, and thereby to illustrate the heterogeneity of the literary genre of Holocaust literature.

Der Typenvergleich in der steuerlichen Beratungspraxis. Der zweite Schlaf Roman. Desire and pleasure in seventeenth-century music. Bibliothek Haus der Musik: Freihand, [Transfer]. Deutsche Ostkunde in der musischen Erziehung. Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon - Das Developing research questions. This no fuss, compact guide steers Social Science students of all levels through the complex process of conducting a research project.

Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)
Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)
Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)
Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)
Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)
Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition) Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition)

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