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Did they find it? Isobel was and-a-half when the Napier earthquake hit.

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Decades later, her grand-daughter interviewed her about it for a school project. Did you know that the tomato only became popular locally about ? Or that brussels sprouts and silverbeet didn't catch on until the s? Our national diet has undergone massive changes in the… Read more Audio. In last year of the old millennium, governments and businesses warned us all of the dangers of the Y2K Bug. So did the hype help?

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Or was this bug never going to bite? Two lions escape from a circus in small town New Zealand. Who you gonna call?

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Why is a Soviet ship lying on the bottom of the Marlborough Sounds? Health camps have been helping sickly Kiwi kids get better for a century now. What was it like to be at one? And why are the camps today failing to thrive? A famous mountain gets two new names. Was this a messy compromise or a farsighted decision? Or is it still too early to tell?

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Getting the strap at school - a harmless rite of passage or an awful abuse of power? Moscow, near the end of the Cold War; paranoia, politics and perestroika. An embassy guard recalls life behind the Iron Curtain. But was that a good thing?

source Trade Me - buyers sending money to people they've never met for goods they've never seen? It'll never catch on! Auckland, After a long, hot summer, the lights suddenly go out in the city. In early 90s Christchurch, a remarkable group of Pasifika performers take their first steps towards success. In the icy waters of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, a protest boat is rammed by Japanese whalers and sinks soon afterwards.

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Read more Video, Audio. But was it true? Yes it was.

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Hero Nation Expand the sub-menu. Video Expand the sub-menu. More Expand the sub-menu. However, we argue here that, like DNA evidence and other kinds of scientifically validated forensic evidence, eyewitness memory is reliable if it is not contaminated and if proper testing procedures are used. This conclusion applies to eyewitness memory broadly conceived, whether the test involves recognition from a police lineup or recall during a police interview. From this perspective, eyewitness memory has been wrongfully convicted of mistakes that are better construed as having been committed by other actors in the legal system, not by the eyewitnesses themselves.

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Eyewitnesses typically provide reliable evidence on an initial, uncontaminated memory test, and this is true even for most of the wrongful convictions that were later reversed by DNA evidence. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why

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