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10 Alien First Contact Scenarios

However, in March the International Academy of Astronautics published a post-detections protocol. Sign up to receive our newsletter! Already have an account with us?

How to Calculate First Contact Resolution Rate

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First contact

Alien contact: Brits pick scientists over politicians for first contact Survey also finds men are more likely than women to reach out to aliens, while 11 per cent want a global referendum on the issue. How would you respond to this alien message? Want to be updated when there is Science Focus news?

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  • Customer Support Glossary: Definition of First Contact Resolution.
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The Human Body. Sleep, drugs and mental health How altered states of consciousness could keep us happy.

Everyday science. Why do clothes get darker when wet? A first contact resolution FCR means that it took the service rep only one response or interaction with a customer to resolve an issue.

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Determining FCR can be difficult depending on what communication channels your team uses and how diligent you are with your CRM. There are two variables for the calculation: number of service rep responses, and whether or not a case is resolved.

While the formula itself is simple, properly defining the variables can be tricky. Consider phone-based service teams, for example.

First Contact Services

For any email-based case, count the number of outgoing responses from a rep between the case creation and close dates. Some service teams also add a time limit for FCR eligibility. For example, a case must be closed upon first response and within two hours to be considered an FCR.

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  2. What is First Call Resolution? Benefits, Challenges, Examples, & Best Practices for Improving FCR?
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  5. This is easy to do within our Service Analytics product. Organizations with high FCR rates typically also enjoy high customer satisfaction. Data provided by ThinkHDI.

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