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In Mesopotamia the goddess Ishtar is connected with Venus, but it is thought that originally Ishtar was a male deity. This would explain why in the western lands Ugarit Venus was thought of as male. In this case, however, it is not one deity but two, one for the morning phase of Venus, Shahar, Dawn, the other for the evening phase, Shalem, Dusk. An important Ugaritic text 52 describes the origin of these deities.

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In another text 49 mention is made of Athtar, which is prob. The fact that the fem. The names for Saturn have been given above in connection with Amos Although host of heaven most frequently means heavenly bodies, there are a few passages where it clearly means something else. This conception of the host of heaven as angelic beings is also seen in Luke where it must mean angels. This passage must receive special consideration.

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Although vv. A second understands the phrase as the deities which the heavenly bodies represent and which were revered by peoples of antiquity. These deities the horn attempted to desecrate, and it even carried the attempt to God Himself v. A third interpretation views the host of heaven as the people of God who are opposed by the horn. Finally the phrase may mean angelic beings.

Perhaps it is unwise to make a judgment in such a potentially symbolic context, but the second alternative seems most plausible. This similar phrase sometimes is used of angels Ps ; ; once it is used of Israel Exod Gordon, Ugaritic Literature ; S.


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A Nature Research Journal. Reprints and Permissions. Heavenly hosts.

The Nine Orders of Angels/Hosts of Heaven

Nature , doi Download citation. Ecology and Evolution An organism on which or in which another organism lives. Computers a. A computer or other device providing data or services that a remote computer can access by means of a network or modem.

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To serve as host to or at: "the garden party he had hosted last spring" Saturday Review. To provide software that offers data or services, hardware, or both over a computer network. A great number; a multitude. See Synonyms at multitude. Ecclesiastical The consecrated bread or wafer of the Eucharist.

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Biology biology a. Computer Science computing a computer connected to a network and providing facilities to other computers and their users. A cell or organism, such as a plant, animal, or alga, on or in which another organism lives or feeds. For example, a cat may be a host to fleas that feed on its blood, or a cell in the human respiratory tract may be a host to a flu virus.

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    • Heavenly Host.
    • Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts
      Heavenly Hosts Heavenly Hosts

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