Leaves in the Stream

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How Does Tai Chi Work? Having a complex health condition can leave people in fragments, disconnected, disjointed, socially-isolated and alone. Inspiration and hope can be found in being part of something bigger, like lives in a stream.

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This could be a personal experience within the flow of tai chi movements. Or a training tai chi group, moving together with others committed to the same cause.


Becoming Present: Leaves On A Stream Exercise (Audio) – Tiptoe We Grow

This may be something more, in synch with the wind, elements, turning of the seasons and the universe itself. You are not aiming to get rid of the thoughts.

Leaves on a Stream ACT- Stop Overthinking- Anxiety Skill #30

So, if you start speeding up the stream, trying to wash them all away, you are defeating the purpose. If your thoughts stop, watch the stream or the blackness. Sometimes thoughts hang around for a while before they eventually move on.

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If an uncomfortable feeling shows up, like boredom, frustration, impatience or anxiety, just acknowledge it. And then place those words on to a leaf. This is only natural; our minds are experts at hooking us. Then start up the exercise again from the beginning.

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  • Please read the above instructions as many times as you need to until you know what to do, then give it a go. Five minutes is ideal for a first run-through, but you can do more or less as you desire. This is interesting.

    Leaves on a Stream

    I sit in a camping chair in the middle of a stream and let my hands feel the running water. Sometimes leaves hit my hands. This looks like a great exercise. I'll try it with my meditation tonight. My pleasure.

    This was actually my first introduction to mindfulness and it blew my mind back then. To be able to have some control over one's thoughts wasn't something i had ever considered, and i guess most people don't. This is great!

    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream
    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream
    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream
    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream
    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream
    Leaves in the Stream Leaves in the Stream

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