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However, too frequently these events contained an obvious element of voyeurism rather than participation, where punters were permitted to gawp at an artist creating work as they supped a pint. Club night, Partie Monster, had been engaging with a more performative and avant-garde agenda, taking its inspiration from s New York club kids such as Michael Alig and James St James. It encouraged and welcomed creativity in an attempt to make club nights become more vibrant and exciting.

This extended to the act of marketing: through a series of viral videos, extremely high quality artistic posters and ensuing photography, this became a creative act in itself.


The costumes used were outlandish and created an other worldly persona that had its basis in horror films and gore. Their visual language was of shock, which could seem alarming and intimidating for some. What was most refreshing about Partie Monster, however, was the welcoming nature of these seemingly intimidating people.

The organisers demonstrated an openness and encouraged participation through the clever implementation of various pop up, live art installations and make-up booths. I quickly became a regular participant — to the point that I painted my entire body blue and created a completely new body of work for their Halloween club night.

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Over many years, people have tentatively yet constantly inquired both about my own practice, the experience of being someone who works creatively and Partie Monster itself. It was this constant line of enquiry that triggered the idea of Art Clash.

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Classes have been conducted in various alternative venues including the basements of pubs, gallery spaces, gay bars and even a disused convent. The music used was sourced through DJs and carefully selected playlists were created in keeping with the suggested environment encouraged by the art making. The social aspect has always been on a par with the focus on creativity, thus providing all the right elements to immerse the participants in an environment of contemporary art without trepidation. Bringing together artists and creatives from a broad range of backgrounds was fundamental to the fresh quality of Art Clash and guest tutors were not necessarily familiar with teaching.

These features also add to the social element and abandonment of formality that remains important to Art Clash as a concept. Illustrator Steve McCarthy spoke to me about the experience of becoming a tutor within the Art Clash format and how it fit with his own aversion to formal teaching methods and environments, particularly when it comes to addressing creativity as an experience:.

It shows that it's possible to overcome the adversity and struggles of youth, and that it is unacceptable to give up on ourselves. Lots of jokes are made about Christianity. Many revolve around Teddy's new workplace after he's fired from the grill store, a fast-food restaurant called Christian Chicken. The owner pulls his employees together to pray together throughout the day. A man jokingly refers to himself as God.

Crude, suggestive and innapropriate dialogue fills this film, with characters constantly joking about sexual subjects such as condoms, sadomasochism, STDs, sperm, pubic hair, pornography and genitalia both female and male , among other things.

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Carrie tells Teddy that she is a lesbian. Men and women dance with one another and twerk. A crude strip club sign features the silhouette of a woman's body. A slew of jokes reference both a man and woman wearing a thong. A few men verbally reciprocate her interest, while one man declines. She also mentions that she got pregnant in high school before she and her husband were married.

A few crude jokes are made about a pastor and his sex life. We hear references to men being sexually abused in prison. We see her bare backside and cleavage. She also texts Teddy a revealing picture of herself, and the two of them talk about having sex. Elsewhere, women wear revealing outfits. A man lifts up his shirt, revealing a third nipple. Men and women kiss. Later, Mackenzie attempts to jump from a high building, but dislocates his shoulder adding to other injuries he already has.

Carrie repeatedly punches Teddy in a boxing ring, hoping that her aggression will force him to focus. Later, she spanks him with a belt for giving up on himself. A man makes various death threats. A building explodes, and a guy gets thrown in the air from the force of the fireball.

Night School

A prison fight erupts, and we see a man stabbed and beaten though things never get particularly graphic here. Teddy crashes his car. Someone jokingly asks if he was abused as a child. The f-word is heard once, and the s-word more than 30 times.

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People drink hard liquor, wine and champagne. A song includes lyrics about alcohol and getting drunk. Teddy is viewed by many as incompetent, although his struggles are directly related to his learning disabilities. He often feels inadequate, especially when compared to his overacheiving twin sister. Teddy never received proper help in high school and, as a result, was disruptive and rude often bullying others to compensate for his insecurities and for his lack of understanding. When Teddy meets and falls in love with Lisa, he lies about his past because he feels unworthy of her affection.

A group of students steal answers to an exam. A man vomits on another guy's face.

A guy wipes his ear wax on a computer. Teddy makes a few jokes about race. Luis tells everyone that he illegally crossed the border into the United States.

Night School

A man jokes about a political figure. Someone jokes about punching a crying baby in the face. Top Comedy Weekend Domestic. Biggest Domestic September Day. Kevin Hart. Tiffany Haddish. Rob Riggle. Megalyn Echikunwoke. Malcolm D. Harry Ratchford. Nicholas Stoller. Paul Millspaugh. Top Movies at the Domestic Box Office. Middle East Region. Search for:.

My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School
My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School
My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School
My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School
My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School
My Monster Goes To Night School My Monster Goes To Night School

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