Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)

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What makes some retranslations more successful than others? What role do various agents play in the canonization process of retranslations of sacred writings? What functions do the intralingual and interlingual retranslations or sacred writings fulfill in the different receiving contexts? How to account for the unsuccessful reception of some retranslations? What paratextual and other strategies are used to put a retranslation in the market?

The conference language will be English.

Niall. Il più amato degli One Direction. Con poster

Please send your abstract and bio-bibliographical note to both pieter. The notification of acceptance is 1 January Selected contributions from the conference will be published in an edited volume or special issue of a journal in the field of Translation Studies, after a peer review procedure.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. Broadening the notion of retranslation. Antwerp: Garant.

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Voice in retranslation. An overview and some trends. International Journal of Translation Studies Translation and Conflict. A Narrative account.

Comics’ Mobility Across Time, Space and Artistic Media

London and New York: Routledge. La retraduction comme espace de la traduction. And now for something completely different … Once again the same book by Dostoevsky: A con textual analysis of early and recent Dostoevsky retranslations into Dutch. Narrative Theory and Retranslation Theory. Across Languages and Cultures A causal model for translation studies. In: Intercultural Faultlines.

Manchester: St. Translation Studies in the New Millennium 2. London: Bloomsbury. Re translation revisited. Meta Autour de la retraduction. In: Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, 2nd ed. The Translator: studies in intercultural communication. Revising and retranslating. Anxieties of influence. The voice of the first translator in retranslation. Target Fallstudien zu Formen und Grenzen der Transposition, edited by K. Manuwald, Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie Translation and Religion: Holy Untranslatable?

Clevedon: Multilingual Matters Ltd. Thousand and One Translations: Retranslation Revisited. Traduction, retraduction et dialogisme. Meta , Text, Auslegung, Ritus. Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie Palimpsestes Aging as a motive for literary translation. A survey of case studies on retranslation. Translation and Interpreting Studies.

Retranslations: the creation of value. Bucknell Review 1. We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new Routledge Research series on Translation and Interpreting History. The aim of the series is to showcase the interdisciplinary dialogue between translation and interpreting studies and historical perspectives and is a response to the emergence of translation and interpreting history as a distinct subdiscipline in its own right.

Our aim is also to provide a venue that is suitable for all scholars with a historical interest in translation and interpreting, regardless of their disciplinary or institutional affiliation. The series seeks to feature research from all cultural and geographical contexts which engages in the treatment of translation and translation practice as social and historical events. This can include primary research in translation and interpreting history as well as critical reflection on key theoretical and methodological issues in the field.

It will feature both monographs and edited collections. For more information about the series or to submit a proposal, please contact the editors at: TIHseries gmail. Download series flyer. Posted by The Editors on 1st Sep in Announcements. The 14th Annual Conference of the Society for Comics Studies ComFor is dedicated to the idea of comparative comics studies: Relations and transformations within the art form that cross and bridge cultural, lingual, economic, juridical, political, and media divisions.

In political science, subversion is generally negatively connotated, because it implies a form of destruction. To sum up, subversion generally aims to undermine and destabilize the established, more often than not political or religious, order by insidiously demoralizing citizens, who will then overturn or destroy it.

However, subversion can also play a positive role through the healthy questioning of the values of a socio-political or religious system.

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For example, subversively translated poems were produced by early 19th century Decembrists, who wished to renew the Tsarist system in place. Certain poems illustrated the injustices of the system, while others promoted a liberal constitution Baer The Russian translators of these poems were not neutral; they were actively engaged in a fight that called upon their resourceful creativity.

Their subversive translations opened up alternative avenues to the dominant system and instigated a revolution in the way people thought. This more positive understanding of the term as a catalyst for positive change is that one that tends to have currency in translation studies research that focuses on the relation between translation and power.

The issue of subversion has been broached in studies that examine relations between translation and power see, for example, Tymoczko et Gentzler, , and in those that examine the links between translation and resistance see, for example, Tymoczko, Nevertheless, the theme has not yet been the object of focussed, yet broad, and in-depth discussion. In fact, translation studies research that touches on subversion is not limited to politics and literature, but rather includes more generally any discipline that involves culture Alvarez et Vidal, and that requires creativity.

Research findings tend to share the view that one cannot understand translation without taking into account the subjectivity of translators and their translations, and that translations can be manipulated with a subversive aim in view see, for example, Lefevere, In contradiction with the myth of the neutral, submissive and docile translator, translating subjects, like all humans, are imprinted with a subjectivity that is inscribed in their history and culture Fournier-Guillemette, The interest of TS in subversion has thus been manifest at least since the beginning of the s and has taken numerous forms.

The time is now ripe to undertake a comprehensive reflection on the place of subversion in translation and interpreting, and the relationship that translators and interpreters have with the subversive practices of their profession. Below we suggest several lines of enquiry to guide critical discussion; however, the list is not intended to be exhaustive. Papers should not be more than 20 minutes in length.

Proposals in English or French should include the following two documents:. You may propose a session of three or four paper presentations. Each of the paper proposals that will form your session must be presented according to the above requirements and sent to the co-organisers.

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  • Please send your paper proposal by 15 September to the conference co-organisers, Isabelle Collombat, Fayza El-Qasem and Denise Merkle, care of the following email address: act. Translation, Power, Subversion. Clevedon R. Baer, Brian Merkle, C.

    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)
    Niall: Il più amato degli One Direction (Italian Edition)

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