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Folk Music Products. Ross Dr. Chandler, AZ Chorus Old Joe Clark, he had a house; fifteen stories high Every story in that house was filled with chicken pie!

Old Joe Clark lyrics - The Rosinators [Paul Castle, Will Sneyd & Fliss Premru]

Chorus Old Joe Clark had a yellow cat, she would neither sing nor play Stuck her head in the buttermilk jar and washed her cares away Chorus Old Joe Clark, he had a mule; her name was Morgan Brown Every tooth in that mule's head was sixteen inches 'round! Hey, thanks for putting the lyrics down here.

arr. Paul Jennings

I've never seen them. Very funny.

I think I'll enjoy playing the song even more now. For some reason it helps me to remember a song better if I know the words. Now, if only I could sing… lol.

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You're welcome. There are lots of other silly verses to Old Joe Clark that people have made up.

Fiddle on! Old Joe Clark Beginner.


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Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark

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