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Total Humiliation

I had my 96th birthday last June. I have learned from many sources that there is considerable speculation concerning my health. I wish to put the record straight.

1 John 5:13

If I last a few months longer, I will have served to an older age than any previous President. I do not say this to be boastful but rather grateful. Last January I underwent major surgery. It was a miserable experience, particularly for one who had never previously been a patient in a hospital. Following this was the question as to whether I should undergo further treatment. I chose to do so. My doctors have called the results miraculous. I know that the favorable results come from your many prayers in my behalf. I am deeply grateful to you. The Lord has permitted me to live; I do not know for how long.

But whatever the time, I shall continue to give my best to the task at hand. It is not an easy thing to preside over this large, complex Church.

What Is Belief?

Nothing escapes the attention of the First Presidency. No major decision, no expenditure of funds is made without their approval.

True Faith in God - Short Film "God Is My Strength" - Eastern Lightning

The responsibility and stress are great. But we shall carry on as long as the Lord wishes. As I said last April, we are in His hands. I feel well; my health is reasonably good.

But when it is time for a successor, the transition will be smooth and according to the will of Him whose Church this is. From the beginning this Church has moved forward with faith. Faith was the strength of the Prophet Joseph. I am grateful for the faith that took him into the grove to pray. I am grateful for his faith to translate and publish the Book of Mormon. I am grateful that he went to the Lord in prayer that was answered with the bestowal of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods. I am grateful that in faith he organized the Church and set it on its course.

I thank him for the gift of his life as a testimony to the truth of this work. Faith was also the moving power behind Brigham Young. I often reflect on the tremendous faith he exercised in bringing a very large number of people to settle this Salt Lake Valley. He knew very little of the area. He had never seen it, except in vision. I suppose he had studied what meager information there was, but he knew almost nothing of the soil or the water or the climate.

Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church, And so it has been with each of the Presidents of the Church. In the face of terrible opposition, they have moved forward with faith. Whether it was crickets destroying their crops. Whether it was drought or late frost. Whether it was persecution by the federal government. Or, more recently, whether it was an urgent need to extend humanitarian aid to victims of the tsunami, or earthquakes, or floods in divers places, it has all been the same.

Welfare shelves have been emptied. This is an important anniversary year in the history of the Church, as all of you know. It is the th anniversary of the coming of the Willie and Martin handcart companies and the Hunt and Hodgett wagon companies which accompanied them. Much has been written concerning this, and I need not go into detail. All of you are familiar with the story.

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Suffice it to say that those who set out on the long journey from the British Isles to the valley of the Great Salt Lake began their travel in faith. They had little or no knowledge of what they were getting into. But they moved forward. They began their journey with great expectation.

That expectation gradually failed them as they moved west. As they commenced the tedious journey following the Platte River and then up the valley of the Sweetwater, the cold hand of death took its fearsome toll. Their food was rationed; their oxen died; their carts broke down; they had inadequate bedding and clothing.

Storms raged.


Can Faith Move Mountains? Weird Jesus Sayings Continued - Fellowship of Saints and Sinners

They sought shelter, but they found none. The storms beat about them. They literally starved to death. Scores died and were buried in the frozen ground. Fortunately, they were passed by Franklin D. Richards on his way from England. He had a lightweight conveyance with horses and was able to travel much faster. He came on to this valley. It was this very season of the year. The general conference was in session. When Brigham Young received the news, he immediately stood before the congregation and said:.

I do not want to send oxen, I want good horses and mules. Almost every Christian can quote at least one line of Genesis, but a great many have never actually read the book. Genesis describes the Creation, and the story of Adam and Eve chapters 1—3. It includes the well-known description of the Fall, or Eve eating an apple from the forbidden Tree of Wisdom, as well as the story of Noah and the Ark chapters 6—8. Genesis is often one of the first — and only — books Christians read.

Jesus Isn’t Pleased With The Disciples

However, it is not only for newcomers to the faith or for people reading the Bible for the first time. Reading Genesis from beginning to end can give you fresh perspective on familiar teachings. They are not biographies, per se, but rather stories that serve to evoke images of Jesus.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke are based on the Gospel of Mark, with all three being easily understood together. The Gospel of John, however, is a departure. The Gospels are great books to read from start to finish, instilling the sense that Jesus is alive in everything we do, and not just a historical figure. The Gospels help readers discover Jesus, learn of his miracles, and see how he lived his life. Read the Gospels as a newcomer to the Christian faith, to gain a basic understanding of what Jesus teaches, or as a seasoned veteran to further expand your faith.

Acts is a critical book in understanding the New Testament and Christianity as a whole. It describes the Holy Spirit spreading the church throughout Rome. In Acts, we see how the church functions, how the apostles preach the gospel to the people, and we meet the Apostle Paul.

Power Of Prayer

Acts begins in Jerusalem and moves back and forth between there and Antioch, as well as from Europe to Asia. The book ends with Paul in Rome. Acts is a work of history, not of Christian law. Many Christians believe Romans to be the best book in the Bible. Romans gives a clear depiction of all views the Bible affords. Scholars say that in a way, all the books of the Bible lead to Romans.

Romans is a book of truth about God, taught by God. Paul wrote to the Roman church to explain how the gospel works.

Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus
Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus
Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus
Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus
Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus
Our Faith Moves Jesus Our Faith Moves Jesus

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