Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)

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If the earth were flat, your vision would extend exactly as far while standing at the base of the tree as it would when at the top of the tree. However, the farther you climb, the farther your line of sight will extend to the horizon. That's because parts of Earth that were concealed from view by its curvature are now revealed because your position has changed. Back to the vast plane.

The naked eye can see objects that are millions of miles away in space. Theoretically, with a clear line of sight on a clear night, one would also be able to see bright lights from far-away cities. That this is not possible is further evidence of a round, not flat, Earth. According to a paper in Applied Optics by David K.

So if you're on the right commercial flight, you might be able to see the curvature of the earth with your own two eyes. In the event that you're not high enough, though, you can still experience the curvature of the earth another way. For example, if you were to fly all the way around the world, you'd find that it would be nighttime in part of the world and daytime in another part.

In that way, the existence of time zones itself is proof that the Earth is round. Taken another way, you wouldn't even need to travel through different time zones. According to the Farmers' Almanac , the sun will rise and set roughly four minutes later for every 70 miles you drive from east to west.

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If you wanted to combine this experiment with the previous one, you could note how much more of Earth you can see when you begin your ascent into the air than you can while you are sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off. Pick a nice spot from which you can watch a sunset we'll call this point A. Ideally, you'd have a clear horizon in front of you, and behind you would be some sort of elevated point that you can quickly access a hill, a building with at least two floors, or perhaps the aforementioned tree; we'll call this point B.

Watch the sunset from point A, and once the sun is out of sight, hurry on over to point B. With the added elevation provided by point B, you should be able to see the sun above the horizon.

Non-Spoiler Book Review - Gardens of the Moon

If Earth were flat, the sun would not be visible at any elevation once it had set. Because Earth is round, the sun will come back into your line of sight. If you don't have a hill, you could even try lying on your stomach to watch the sunset and then standing up to get a higher line of sight.

Beneath a Darkening Moon

Pick two locations that are some distance apart at least a couple hundred miles from each other and on the same meridian. Grab two sticks or dowels or other objects of equal length, two tape measures, and a friend. For accuracy, you should both take your measurements at the same time of day. On a flat Earth, the shadow that is cast by each would be of the same length.

However, if you and your friend compare notes, you'll find that one shadow was longer than the other. That's because, due to the curvature of Earth, the sun will hit one part of Earth at one angle and another part of Earth at a different angle even at the same time of day. This experiment has been around since about B. Eratosthenes had learned of a well in Syene where once a year on the summer solstice, the sun would illuminate the entire bottom of the well and tall buildings and other objects would not cast a shadow.

However, he noticed that shadows were being cast on the summer solstice in Alexandria, so he measured the angle of the shadow and found it to be an angle of about 7. Sometimes, seeing is believing, and one's own research can be the best evidence, whether that's taking the time to do your own investigating or simply searching for the results of others who have run their own experiments. Correction: A previous version of this article mistakenly referenced solar eclipses, where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, instead of lunar eclipses, where the Earth passes between the Moon and Sun.

The text has been updated. The author apologizes for the error. An English major at the University of Southern Maine, Erik's strong background in writing and love of American football led him to pursue a career in sports journalism out of college.

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His book, Bill Belichick vs. Tired of chasing leads and digging for quotes from people who didn't really want to give them, Erik joined the Cell Press family in and hasn't looked back. Filed to Pop sci. CrossTalk is the official blog of Cell Press, a leading publisher of cutting-edge biomedical and physical science research and reviews.

CrossTalk is fueled by a hunger for all things related to science, research, and publishing and is a home for scientists and science enthusiasts.

Wings of Fire

Inviting, engaging, considered, passionate - CrossTalk is what lives beyond the article. Watch a ship sail off to sea Without being in the sky, it is impossible to see the curvature of the Earth. But if it was a real mind reader, maybe they could teach me how to use my powers. For all the FanWings and everyone who reads these books - I hope you love the new dragonets as much as I love you guys! She was quite scared of the images of the volcano and danger that her mother left in her mind when she left.

Moonwatcher was very nervous about going to school. Hope you like them. He and Carnelian teamed up to make Moon's life miserable. The bracelet that had Darkstalker in a deep sleep so that he could not wake up broke when the comet came by, six months before the story.

Moon Rising

She's here to kill us all! The comet in book five, The Brightest Night , apparently woke Darkstalker from the enchanted slumber; he was immortal; Darkstalker wasn't as evil as legends say he was, there was panic in the school with the dragons thinking, "SkyWing coming to murder us"; which was just Peril arriving at school.

The stone was called skyfire. Qibli rushed to stop Icicle before she could manage to get away with killing the blinded NightWing, attempting to stab her with his barbed tail, but he got knocked out by the large IceWing. Then Icicle charged at Moon, choked her, and threatened to kill her. Winter came in contact with his sister and attempted to get her to release Moon. Hailstorm was Winter's older brother, and because of an incident with the SkyWings when they were both looking for scavenger dens, Hailstorm was captured, leaving Winter to hate himself more than anybody else. Winter had suspicions that Hailstorm was killed by the NightWings when they raided the SkyWing arena in an attempt to save Starflight.

The Jade Winglet followed him. Scarlet was seen with a dreamvisitor and another dragon, who was tapping something against his talons. Click here to see the cover gallery.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The title most likely refers to Moon metaphorically rising above her fears. Contents [ show ]. Scene where Turtle describes the Dragonflame Cactus.

Total Lunar Eclipse July 27, 2018

You're not as terrifying as you think you are by Warriordragon Did Moon lose her character? Oceans Of Twilight. She kinda did. It's subtle, but it's definitely there TZ. Cunning the Nightwing.

Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)
Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)
Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)
Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)
Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)
Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2) Rising Moon (Curves of the Moon Book 2)

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