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Also, until the end of , our organization was in charge of giving the tickets for public transportation to people with visual impairment. But ever since the government set the new rule that people have to go directly to the government for the tickets, it became harder for people with visual impairment to obtain them.

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Being a member of an organization is not only about getting help, but also having fun. To make the life of people with visual impairment more interesting, the association organizes lots of activities and competitions.

Besides competitions, the organizers also try to bring all the memberstogether for small meetings where they can talk and enjoy their time. Usually,the meetings are held during holidays, where members are invited for a dinner.

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Of course working with people with visual impairment is not easy at all, and many difficulties and barriers can appear along the way. Many students who have just graduated from university are unable to find a job and we have to help them do it. Another problem would be the streets, because people with visual impairment cannot move freely. But, to be honest, in comparison with other cities, Cluj has done a pretty good job in making its streets more accessible.

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  • We also provide help to people who started losing their eyesight as they weregrowing up. I would say that this is the hardest category of people to work with, because they have to learn to live and perceive the world again.

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    You can find more information here. A guide for parents who want to nurture artistic creativity and talent in their children, The Way They See It starts at the very beginningwith seeing. The first section of this book provides ideas for making children aware of the world in which they live through real word examples, art, and more. The second section of "first skills" focuses on scissors, materials, brushes and other mediums that can help students with decision-making skills, communication skills, and motor skills.

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    A variety of activities are included along with parental notes on child development. Full-color pictures provide examples of finished projects as well as classic artwork to look at with your child. Related Products. Barry Stebbing. Rosie Dickins.

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      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It
      The Way They See It The Way They See It

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