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  • Works of George Bird Grinnell!
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    George Bird Grinnell

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    George Bird Grinnell, 1849-1938 [RG4479.AM]

    Federal Writers' Project. He worked to establish conservation clubs, and published voluminously to support preservation of Yellowstone Park and other areas as fish and game preserves. Despite his constant activity with speeches, trips and writing, he found time to complete requirements for his Ph.

    Campsites Among the Stumps: The Unmaking of the Great American Commons

    His interest in the life and the plight of the Indians was no less than his interest in wildlife. Among his works, including "Two Great Scouts," most are considered to be authoritative sources. His personal acquaintances among frontiersmen, and his years of experience in the West, gave him a wealth of material to draw on. George Bird Grinnell died in April of This collection consists of two manuscript boxes of material arranged in four series: 1 correspondence, , , , , , ; 2 printed matter, ; 3 manuscripts, mostly not dated; and 4 miscellany.

    Collection: George Bird Grinnell papers | Archives at Yale

    This collection consists largely of letters to Grinnell from persons interested in the history of the West. The letters concern such matters as the preparation and publication of historical books and articles, the location of historical sites, Indians and Indian fighters, and related subjects.

    Full portraits of Grinnell, an incredibly private person, have long been lacking. Taliaferro noticed it too. He gained access to 40, pages of correspondence Grinnell had with important people, plus 50 personal diaries and notebooks, and an unfinished autobiography. Taliaferro delivers the goods and what a rich cache it is.

    He also went on a bison hunt in Kansas and joined the famous fossil-hunting expeditions carried out by paleontologist O. And yet he stands far apart from fellow conservationists such as Theodore Roosevelt and Madison Grant, whose ideas on race can only be described as repugnant.

    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell
    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell
    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell
    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell
    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell
    Works of George Bird Grinnell Works of George Bird Grinnell

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